Self drive day boats are offered for hire by Buccaneer Boats

 ( Referred to in these conditions as: 'The Company' )

Any contract to hire a self drive boat with 'the company' incorporates the conditions below and is between 'the company' and you as 'the hirer' and includes all members of the party hiring the vessel 'boat'.

The Hirer is responsible for the actions of all members of the group. Any Damage or incident will only be discussed with the hirer to whom the agreement is signed with. The hirer by signing the agreement accepts liability for the vessel and its party.

All vessels offered for hire by 'the company' are licensed by The Broads Authority and operated in accordance with the said Authorities code of practice for 'Day Boat Hire Procedures 2005'.

Boats are only hired to minimum of Two People which is the minimum Head Count to be on board at anytime.

The Hirer is not permitted to pick up additional or disembark passengers at anytime.

All members of the hire group must be present and board vessel at a Buccaneer Boats, in doing so the hire group will receive Handling and Safety Procedure for the vessel including being issued with buoyancy aids which will be fitted and demonstrated.

All members of the hire group must disembark the hire vessel at end of hire at Buccaneer Boats.

Two People to include the hirer must be of a minimum age of 18 yrs in any group.

Persons under the age of 18yrs are not permitted at any time to drive or helm Self Drive Day Boats.

'The Company' reserves the right not to hire a boat to any person whom it considers is unsuitable to operate the vessel or embarkation of the vessel by themselves safely and without explanation to its reasons.

'The Company' does not allow the consumption of alcohol or to be under the influence of any substance whilst in charge, helming or passenger the self drive Day boat.

Please Do Not Bring Alcohol, You will Either be refused Hire, Or asked to leave it Behind.

No liability is accepted by 'the company' for loss or damage to the hirers belongings.

No liability is accepted by 'the company' for injury to or death of the hirer during the course of the hire, or during embarking or disembarking.

Hirers use the pontoons, Quays, Walkways and other landings on the river entirely at their own risk. 

'The Company' will:

Instruct the hirer how to operate all safety and other equipment on board the boat and instruct the hirer how to operate the boat, engine but the hirer uses the same at their own risk.

Ensure the boat and its equipment are in full functional state during the hire, and that there is sufficient fuel for hire.

Make available buoyancy aids for all members of the party. Buccaneer Boats Will demonstrate & ask you to Wear Your Buoyancy Aid Before Boarding Your Hire Vessel.

Take advance bookings only on the condition that no refunds will be made unless the contract is cancelled by the company in the event of high winds, bad river conditions, snow or if the boat is unavailable due to breakdown. Rain alone is an insufficient reason for 'the company' to make a refund. 

'The Hirer' Will:

Use the boat in a manner which is consistent with the rules of navigation and shall at all times take into consideration other users of the river, whether in boats or not.

Not to use the boat or return after 5 pm. Buccaneer Boats Day hire boats are licensed or insured for use on navigable water during business hours.

Be responsible for  extra hire fees affected by such failure but no further compensation unless the company has failed to take reasonable care.

Be liable for late return fees, for all damage to boat, its contents and equipment caused by the hirer or any member of the hirers party, or hirers unreasonable behaviour or misuse of the vessel.

Boats are to be Returned by no later than 5pm - Charges will be applied with no further discussion. All vessels are GPS Tracked for speed and location.

Return the boat after hire in the same state and condition as it was when it was hired. If 'the company' is obliged to clean or tidy the boat as a result of failure of the hirer to comply with the terms and conditions, then the hirer shall pay the company a reasonable fee for such extra work, or the company reserves the right to hold deposits in proportion to work required.

Boating can be hazardous, While 'the company'  has taken all reasonable care in the preparation of the vessel and in the provision of safety equipment, the hirer is responsible for their own safety and that of third parties affected by their actions and the safe return of the vessel.

The hirer will be liable to repay the company for any loss or damage to the boat or its equipment caused by the negligence of the hirer.

All participants taking part in any water activity are equipped with buoyancy aids, therefore an inability to swim will not exclude you from taking part, however we do ask that you have a certain level of water confidence relevant to the activity.

We fully understand there are certain dangers involved in the use of fishing boats/canoes that are beyond 'the companies' control, such dangers include but are not limited to, the possibility of capsizing, which could result in drowning, the possibility of striking rocks or other objects which may damage or rupture the boat and possibility of being exposed to the hazards of water levels or weather changes which may cause hypothermia.


Further Information.

 Day Boats hired  are not permitted Past Cantley Public Moorings.

Any Hirer Breaching These Terms Will automatically Forfeit their Damage Deposit, and potentially be asked to disembark vessel, resulting in collection of vessel by Buccaneer Boats.

It is the Hirers responsibility to check the vessel before departure and to sign acceptance of the vessel for hire.

The Contract is Between The Hirer Named on the Contract & Buccaneer Boats, The Hirer is responsible for All Members in their Party.

No discussions will be had with anyone other than the Hirer.

Any damage whether it be through negligence or accidental, through the hirers fault or members of the hirers party. is the responsibility of the hirer.

Buccaneer Boats Vessels are checked daily before departure,  and on return with the hirer.

Arrival Times are prompt. Please be aware that late arrival without prior notification at time of booking, or at the latest 11am on day of hire. will be classed as a cancellation or 'No Show' . The hirer will forfit  their deposit, and the hire will be cancelled.

No alcohol will be permitted to be taken on board any of our vessels.

The Vessel is to be returned: Clean, Tidy, free of damage & all items on board.

If the Vessel is returned Dirty, The Hirer will automatically be charged £50 without further discussion.

Please bag and remove all food or unwanted items & dispose in the Bin provided at Buccaneer Boats at the end of your hire.